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Special Aircrafts Projects

TDIM Ltd. Supplies 3D precise measurements in the client’s shop
Big structures, big-machined body or any measurement requirements of a body, which can’t be moved to a measuring machine, can be measured and inspected by TDIM.
Inspected body measurements report supplies for each part of the measuring procedures including sketches and descriptions.
Consultation for this specific subject and hints suggesting for inspection “hard-points” design on the body for easy inspection procedure in the future.

Measuring body examples:

Aircraft’s body, ship’s assemblies, car’s part contours, model enlarging or data collecting (mapping), building of a model, train’s cabins assembly, big machine assembly  or inspecting, antenna’s contours, big robot station inspection, levers and cranes, big plastic molds etc.
Installation of bodies (subassemblies or components) on existing base (basic coordinates know or measured).
Installation or positioning a components with relationship to a reference coordinates.
Components characterizes analyzing such us straightness, flatness, twist, surface data, parallelism, perpendicularity, contour etc.
All the measured data is computerized (on-line) and supplies on the build-in measuring software or translated to Excel software.


Laser tracker API-T3, ATS600  – 0,05 mm (RMS) for 5 meter object (5x5x5 meter volume) up to 0,20 mm (RMS) for 30 meter object (30x8x5 meter volume). Possibility of measuring up to 40 meters radius. 0,3 mm accuracy for 20 meter radius.

Total station Sokkia Net05  – 0,40 mm using target

coordinates up to 180 meter distance from object by using special prism (option to measure up to 600 meters). Or 0.8 mm targetless. size of object and location of it should be checked for line of sights possibilities.

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