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Tool Design

Some finger touch on our skills

  • Design assembly and subassembly tools/jigs/fixtures.

  • Tools can be design for aircraft’s assemblies, car industries etc.

  • Tool can be design for metal sheet assemblies or machined parts as well.

  • TurnKey projects, including manufacturing, assembly and inspection measuring and report.

  • The inspection report will be based 2 measurement methods:

  •  Single Total station Measuring system – Computerized, 3D non-contact measuring system.

  •  Leica ATS600 Laser Tracker and scanner Measuring system – Computerized  system, polarized, 3D non-contact measuring system.

  • Size of measured/scanned construction/jig, is up to 30-40 meters for precise results, and for regular precise up to 100-120 meters.

Tool Design: Projects
Tool Design: Pro Gallery
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